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~ Headshot
Pyro-Commission on CS! by VestraSaur
CW|Tier Tracker|Freya by VestraSaur
~ Shaded or unshaded c:
~ Flat Painting/Character Design
Piebald mutant Carion by VestraSaur
Deagox ~ Deer/Dragon/Fox by VestraSaur
CW| Freya| Olde| Knight by VestraSaur
~ Flat painting +50 for a BG or Extended details.
~ Full complete painting
Hellhound mofo! by VestraSaur
Draw this again meme! by VestraSaur
~ Comes with  a simple BG, I don't do fully detailed BG's most of the time.

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Commission for TyDerbyGirl c: by VestraSaur
Commission for TyDerbyGirl c:
Thank you for commissioning me girlie! Also experimented with expressions c:
Art (c); Me
Spotted (c); :icontyderbygirl:
New icon thanks to CrystalUniicorn <3
CW| Freya| Olde| Knight by VestraSaur
CW| Freya| Olde| Knight
WOO So excited to apply to Chevalin Wanderlust in a few days!

Tier Tracker;…




Mustang x Viatka

Starting Location: 
Isle of Olde




*Convivial: Freya is a very good natured mare, She's usually very sweet and welcoming to those who treat her right. She enjoys talking and spending time with other members and loves teaching the younger foals about the Olde lore.

*Stubborn: She can be stubborn in the aspect that when she has her mind set on a particular thing or subject it's almost impossible to change her mind on it.

*Regal: She's regal in her actions and appearance, She carries herself in a way that she knows that she proudly states "Hey I'm a descendant of unicorns" But in the respectful non egotistical way. She knows what her job is and knows how to do it well.

*Diplomatic: She's diplomatic because she has such awe and respect for her ancestors that she takes her job as a knight very seriously and doesn't mess around with anything that might ruin that.

*Inquisitive: She can be inquisitive at times because she’s very curious and loves to learn about new things. She’s also an investigator of sorts, She loves checking out new things that she’s never seen or been told about. Magic is one of her favorite things to investigate and dabble with in her free time.


I am a mare who is viewed by fellow herdmates to be convivial. I find no greater joy than to spend my time with like-minded horses and have fun while at it. Many view me as one of the friendliest mares of the herd, and it’s said my friendliness over shines my beauty. But I am as stubborn as I am friendly, once something gets into my head others have a difficult time changing my mind. I do what I feel is right and just have to hope others feel the same way. My regal nature is also noted and deeply respected by many of the herd members. Having survived a war, I am viewed as a hero of the herd-for this I get respect, wanted or unwanted.  I am one who holds myself to high standards in hopes to be a role model to the younger horses. 

Although stubbornness may be a key trait, I am diplomatic about it. In my view, why would someone want to do what I suggest unless I am able to explain why I want to do it in a reasonable fashion? Usually a fair explanation will win the opposing party to my side.


When I was born, my parents were thrilled at my beauty and form. Although disappointed I was not a male, their hopes for me were to perhaps impress a stallion of higher rank and get their bloodlines a better name. Both were just followers; while they followed the Olde religion quite devoutly, they still wished better for their children and hoped the Great Compositor would bless their strong faith.  They named me Freya, which means “lady” in the old language and from a young age attempted to raise me to be a gentle, feminine lady.

But did I like it? No not at all. Maybe if they didn’t constrain me to that I would have reacted better…but feeling forced to their guidelines bothered me. Other foals got to play and get dirty while my parents expected me to stay prim and proper. I hated it. Stuff like fighting seemed much more exciting to me, and I’d spend hours sitting and watching the rooks practice and learn skills. My parents allowed this, thinking I was out there trying to catch a young colt’s eye. I learned everything there was to know; and when my parents were dozing there was a clump of bushes I’d sneak behind and practice what I learned. I was not suspecting, however, that I was being watched by someone during those private moments. 

One day during one of my practice sessions, an older knight quietly walked in behind me. He laid down and watched me for a bit as I failed to notice him. Finally he cleared his throat. I jumped and my heart started to race. I was caught, cornered. What would my parents say? Quickly I lowered my head for his rank, not wanting to upset him. “I’ve been watching you…tell me, why do you not practice with the others? You seem to possess rare strength and talent; the herd could use a mare like you.” The stallion spoke. I found my head to be gently lifted upwards so I can see his kindly eyes. I was tongue-tied at first, fright showing in my eyes. “I’ve…I’ve…well you see, my parents think that-“

“You’re a young mare now; eventually your parents will have others to worry about. You and only you can choose your destiny. Come with me and do something that you enjoy and the herd will appreciate; or please your parents and be pushed over for the rest of your life.” The older stallion stood up and turned to go. I hesitated for just a moment. The chance to interact with other horses; perhaps some parties, and the chance to prove myself I could not shy away from. I nodded at the knight and stood up. “I’ll speak to your parents on your behalf. Follow me.”

What he showed me that day and the following months were moments I would never forget. My peers learned to never judge a book by its cover-one of the herd’s most regal and beautiful was also to be respected as one of the most skilled and deadly. As I got older I found myself getting the opportunity to help with patrols and herd watch. But the day came where my skills were needed- the days of the war with the Bachelor Herd. Every able body was needed so even the capable rooks such as I found ourselves in the midst of it. The horror struck a deep chord in my heart…could there not have been a way to avoid this? But it was too late for that. I survived (to my parents’ pleasure also unharmed) and my survival earned me the Knight rank. Now as a knight I am usually on guard duty, but on my off days I am usually spending time with friends.



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Katie Claypool
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~ Well I am a 17 Year old female who lives in Western PA, Who has been in the furry fandom for about 4 years and in the fursuit fandom for less than 2.. I am also a panasexual and a Grecian Pagan who practices Wicca, If you'd like to know more feel free to message me and/or shout me! o3o Have a nice day and thanks for visiting my page!


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